This is the original domain for $FTB FuckTheBears Token (Contract:0x2b8588b91291d6a99c309ee9adae99351caf7fef)

A message from the original creators of the token: 

We started $FTB on 21.05.21. We no longer believe in this project.

At the time of writing (23.06.21) we are the only Liquidity providers for this token. We supplied ~14.5 bnb and ~4Bil FTB. In exchange we received ~7.6 LP tokens.

Our LP tokens are locked for a year. After this year (21.05.22) WE ARE GOING TO REMOVE OUR LIQUIDITY.

This means in its current form, $FTB token will not be tradable.

We suggest you do not invest or trade FuckTheBears token!

This investment is extremely high risk. After 1 year you will not be able to trade this token through the liquidity we provided.

If you decide to still invest, do so at your own risk with the knowledge WE ARE REMOVING LIQUIDITY FROM $FTB ON 21.05.22.

 (not financial advice)